Frequently asked questions

I bought the tickets. What do I need to board the ship?
  1. To enter the ship you need to show and scan code that you received when you bought the tickets
  2. Code and tickets required to board the ship you can show in two ways:
    1. You can print and show content of the web page that contains the QR code. It is the page where you were redirected after successful payment or by clicking the link from e-mail sent to you by
    2. You can also print file racun.pdf that contains that contains tickets with barcodes. File racun.pdf was also sent to your e-mail address.
  3. Please do not print QR code over entire A4 paper because that way code is impossible to scan.
How do I print content of the web page that contains QR code?
  1. If you closed that web page, you can always open it by following the link sent to you by
  2. When you open the page in web browser, click right mouse button and choose Print.
  3. Window with print options will show. Click Print at the buttom of that window.
I can't open file racun.pdf
  1. To open file racun.pdf you need to have application that can read PDF files.
  2. Aplication for that you can download here.